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5 Ways to Retain Customers

September 3rd 2010 02:49:59 | Other Stuff by Ryan

Customer retention is one of the key factors when it comes to running a successful business. Customers are your most important asset and it’s harder work and more expensive to get new customers than to retain old ones.

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A better solution to website traffic analysis

April 13th 2010 14:26:32 | Other Stuff by Brent

An overview of Piwik analytics program.

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Guy Kawasaki Speaking, the Business Start-up Master

March 11th 2010 11:26:50 | Other Stuff by Ryan

Guy Kawasaki is by far the best public speaker that we know, his words of wisdom and business insight has helped our company grow and we want to share with the community. This is a very good watch for anyone that is interested in business start-ups, ideas and planning your business funding venture.

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Master the art of task management with ease.

March 5th 2010 11:48:27 | Other Stuff by Brent

Ever have a hard time keeping track of tasks? Whether for work, or for your own projects there’s a simple internet based program that can solve that problem for you. MyTinyTodo is an open source to do list. The newest version features a wide range of capabilities to optimize your task tracking. The multi-list capability means tasks can be organized and categorized. Each task has a task note capability which can be expanded or hidden in the

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Advice for finding a business partner, the smart way

March 3rd 2010 16:31:17 | Other Stuff by Ryan

In the last 6 years I have figured out that there is one huge factor in a successful business which is having a partner in crime. Meaning a business partner that you can share the business with, this would include activities personal and business related from having a beer, lunch, idea inspiration and just someone you can consult with.

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Ideas and the power of recording them.

February 18th 2010 17:10:04 | Other Stuff by Brent

An idea sparks, but you’re busy, or there’s nothing available to record it. So you calmly collect your thought train; repeating it to commit it to memory, and then carry on with your day until you have the time and/or equipment to record it. But when you get to it the idea is fragmented, and if you’re lucky the biggest foundation is still in tact, but all the details are lost. How many times has this happened to you? If you’re like most people this has probably happened on at least a few occa

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