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A better solution to website traffic analysis

April 13th 2010 14:26:32 | Other Stuff
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Looking for a more versatile open source analytics program than Google Analytics? Look no further, Piwik is here. Though still in beta testing, this program offers all kinds of great features.

Currently in build 0.5.5, the first thing to note about Piwik is its real-time analytics, which the update rate can be adjusted to suit your website’s needs. Secondly, the program is built with a plug-in framework, which means it is end-user expandable, either with existing third-party plug-ins or ones you develop yourself. Thirdly, Piwik is installed on your server, which means you own the data it processes for you. All of this, plus the typical analytics software features of displaying who is accessing your website, how they’re getting directed there, why they’re visiting and when, not to mention being available in 30 languages and growing. And lastly this is all offered with a customizable user interface, with different widgets being able to be dragged and dropped and turned on or off.

For those interested giving Piwik a shot, you’ll need PHP 5.1 or higher and a MySQL database. Check it out here.


uptownnerds on April 20th 2010 23:33:41 is a perfect tarffic analytics tool as it offers data updated every single minute .You can analyze the visitors’ data and view it as an 3D or stacked chart for better representation.


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