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Free PHP Amazon Shipping & Order Data Auto Export Plugin

September 3rd 2010 15:27:19 | Free Stuff
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I started the project of trying to figure out how to automate our shipping process on Amazon and pull the Amazon data automatically. I had a couple requirements in mind when looking for our solution:

  • Didn't want to pay a monthly charge.
  • Didn't want another software program to print invoices.
  • Wanted to be able to use our existing order and shipping database.
  • Wanted it fully automated so no need for human interaction.
  • Wanted to be able to update shipping tracking information on the fly.

After my checklist I did some searching for any solution to the above problem and getting mad at all the documented notes and instructions when it came to the Amazon API's. I finally gave up and decided to email Amazon and ask what solutions that were out there to automate this process. What we wanted to accomplish was easy which consisted of pulling the order and item data, having it auto generate a sales receipt and then update shipping and tracking information once it is shipped. Well the customer service was good but Amazon didn't even refer me to a company that could do it, their response was "Sorry there is no solution, it is required to do the process manually".

We contacted Amazon and after receive a nice email saying your shit out of luck I set off to build my own automated full proof cron php based function that did this for me. Before we were using the copy and paste method for all the Amazon orders and then once the package was shipped we would have to go into Amazon Seller Central and update the shipping information by hand which was tedious and torture from my perspective.

What this Amazon automated php script does:

  • Pulls full name and complete shipping data daily.
  • Adds your order information and shipping details to a supplied database.
  • Checks for duplicate orders just in case.
  • Generates a confirmation email for each order with all the Amazon Data.
  • Emails you automatically if there is any errors at all.
  • Checks and updates shipping and tracking information if the order has shipped.

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