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Master the art of task management with ease.

March 5th 2010 11:48:27 | Other Stuff
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Ever have a hard time keeping track of tasks? Whether for work, or for your own projects there’s a simple internet based program that can solve that problem for you. MyTinyTodo is an open source to do list. The newest version features a wide range of capabilities to optimize your task tracking. The multi-list capability means tasks can be organized and categorized. Each task has a task note capability which can be expanded or hidden in the list pane. Tasks in each list can also be sorted by priority, due date, or simple drag and drop. When a task is checked off, it is grayed out and moved to the bottom of the pane with all other completed tasks, a feature I find very handy.

The program also is user account based and offers password protection, in case any tasks are security sensitive. And to wrap it all up, its styled in a manner allowing access from mobile devices, and is written in a print friendly CSS format. Coming from someone who has just begun using this handy program, it’s an invaluable asset to any person or business. It’s a very straightforward approach to task management that allows all involved parties to track progress and projects instantly, check it out for yourself at the link above or below.




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