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MySQL Vehicle Makes and Models Database SQL Files to 2009

September 10th 2010 12:05:44 | Programming
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I started a simple project of making a white gauge request page for our website and ran into a little snag along the way. Everywhere I checked I couldn't find anything online at all that was a complete database. I tried about 3 of them that were free and finally gave up on the free ones, I did however find a couple out there that you had to pay for but most likely they were the same free ones with a different name that someone had put a price tag on.

After finding no solution on a full vehicle make and model database I decided to make my own. Doing a little bit of research I found one website with more then enough vehicle makes and models which I feel that I should give props to since I didn't ask if I could use them for reference. The website would be check them out, the website could use a little face lift on their programming side but it still rocks.

If you need the sql database import files they are located HERE.
Also just to everyone knows, these files will be hosted permanently so there is no need to mirror this and I would actually prefer a link to the post instead of a file mirror.


David on August 9th 2011 15:18:33


1) Will there be an update to this file?

2) Is there a fee for usage, and if so, how much?

3) Are there instructions in how to incorporate this into a MS Access Application?



Ryan on September 30th 2011 13:46:34

Yes we will have an update very soon, free to use but no tutorial for MS Access, you will have to format and import the data.

Sam on August 25th 2011 23:22:44

I was curious... how did you get the info from that website? Looking at the javascript I may be able to figure it out. But I was wondering if you would be able to share your process with me to cut my own time down.

I know it's probably asking a lot but I would be grateful.


Ryan on September 30th 2011 13:47:50

I spent hours manually typing the makes and models in then formatting everything. I now have a better way to get this information. If you need an update asap then I can take some donations to get it rolling faster. Use the contact form to contact us.


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